How To Use Link Submition Api.

Api Url {}.
Send Data In POST Method.
Available Perameters are {'title[0]','tag[0]','link[0]','thumb[0]'}.
if you do have thumbnail link send {'thumb[0]=uk'}. Do not miss any value. All Perametes are Required.
To Send Multiple links in Sngle Request use perameters like this {'title[0]','tag[0]','link[0]','thumb[0]'} with {'[]'} after thm.
ex: {'title[0]=black panther 2018&link[0]=[0]=1&thumb[0]=[1]=2nd movie title&link[1]=[1]=1&thumb[1]=uk'}
tag can Only be send as Number.
'movie,english'=>1 'movie,hindi'=>2 'tv,english'=>3 'sub,anime'=>4 'dub,anime'=>5 'movie,punjabi'=>6 'tv,hindi'=>7 'toon,english'=>8 'toon,hindi'=>9 'porn'=>10 'movie,german'=>11 'tv,german'=>12 .
To recive an Api key Please contact.