Search Like a Pro.

The best way to find more relivent Results is to search by keywords. Ex: if Search {Spider Man} then the Script will find results which contain both {Spider} and {Man}.
The search term are not case sensitive so you dont have to capatilize the words.
If Searching For Tv series episode the search : { Breaking Bad s01 e01 } . Add Space between { s01 } and { e01 }.
Using Seperator {--} you can filter the results. After your search term you can use the seperator to add filter terms, Ex: {Spider Man--recent,mixdrop } is a full search term.
You can use comma's to add multiple filters. Ex: { Spider Man--recent,movie,mixdrop,fembed }.
List of All Filter:
categories Filter's: --movies,tv,anime,toon,porn,english,hindi,sub,dub. are the avilable Filters so far.
Sorting Filter's: --recent,first,views.
Server Flter's: --mixdrop,fembed,clipwatching...... nd so on.
When searched for specific server adding another server filter will not work. Ex: {mixdrop--recent,fembed} will only show Mixdrop links.
All the Search filters must be in Lowercase to work.
Just a Note that categories are not acurate all the time and some of the files may be categories incorrectly.