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P4Pirate: Change-Log, Upcoming Updates, Changes made and more+

Changelog of P4Pirate

Jan-17-2020-> Server Added JetLoad, Supervideo, Videobin, Youdbox. Seperate Server Page Created.

Jan-14-2020-> Server Added. Backend Improvements.

Jan-10-2020-> Join Telegram Group or Discord Server Click here

Jan-6-2020-> Search Guide is Live Click here to see advance way to search.

I'm Planing on using Google drive as a backup server which will help in reuploading the videos back to the server.

Jan-5-2020-> As Explained by the Admins of they are shutting down their service but will be back with new one, so till then all the onlystream links are removed.

Jan-idk-> fixed scraping scripts. fully removed google drive and photos. sorry!. working on search guide page.

Dec-28-2019-> Google Drive and Photos have been removed due to acoounts getting banned. all other things remain the same.

Dec-22-2019-> Search Algorithm Updated, Now it will deliver more relevant search results.

-> Search results are now beign cached, Every search term is cached for 1-Hour.

-> Added Search extentions, Now you can use -- after search term and use extentions like recent,views,movies,tv and so on.

-> Bunch of major changes maded to backend.

-> Verystream,Openload,Streamango,Flix555,Rapidvideo all these services are dead now and have been successfully removed from search results.

-> A couple of backend improvements.

-> Working on a player for Google Drive files, Mainly videos. you will be able to see it at some time.

-> Looking to add new video host but most of them out there are overwhelmed by the incoming traffic after Verystream, Openload, Streamango, Flix555, Rapidvideo died.

-> Not the same date, but added thumbnails to have a preview of the video. Only for the new adding videos.

-> Added +18 tag, so go all out.

-> Same as always. speed improvements. made couple of backend changes.

-> Domain name changed, thas a good thing. don't forget to bookmark new domain.

-> Bought Saperate server for just scrapping so more links less loading time.

-> Improved Re-scraping when a dead links is found.

-> As always, suggetion are welcome, go to request page to submit.

-> Alot of Cahnges were made to Front & back end, mostly related to speed improvements.

-> Couple of websites were removed and some new were added to the database.

-> Trending section added to the Home page, now you can see what others are searching. list resets every week, postions of search term goes up and down accroding to how many time it has been searched.

-> Working on some new features. will be avialble soon after finished testing.

-> Added Videos with JW Player. faster then other servers.

-> Re-design the website mainly changed it into dark website.

-> Some backend Improvements done over the last month, also some improvemnts done to speed up search results.

-> Added Google Photos and Google Drive links support

-> The ablity to submit links for Google drive and photos is added.

-> Google photos links are available with direct downloads with quality selection option.

-> Google Drive links are only avilable to copy to your drive due to the issue with the orignal link being visible.

-> Note: Please use through away account to copy google drive files and always have full space available of your google drive, before downloading.